About Muse Dental Studio in Houston

From the moment you enter our reception area, you will feel at home. We’ve designed everything in our offices to be as efficient and up-to-date as possible, but also with your complete comfort in mind. Help yourself to a beverage from our refreshment bar during your short wait to be seen. At Muse Dental Studio, Dr. Tatari and Dr. Ebrahimi, with more than 20-years of experience each, plus many hours of additional advanced training, lead our team of caring professionals. Every one of our expert staff is dedicated to making sure you receive the world-class service and dental care you deserve. That’s the reason so many Houstonians trust us with their dental health.

If you’re still wondering whether you’ve found a true dental home for life, we urge you to keep reading. There is so much more we’d like to share about Muse Dental Studio’s level of care and services.

Designed exclusively for you

If someone had to describe you, would they start with your smile first? Your smile says the most about who you are. Your unique smile is not like anyone else’s. That’s why we focus on each patient’s needs and develop treatment plans that are customized to your own goals and desired outcomes. We take the time to learn about you as a person before we even start planning your treatment.

One-on-one consultations

Has your past dental experience left you feeling like you were just a number? Did your visit seem rushed or your time cut short? How much time did you spend with an actual dentist, not an assistant? At Muse Dental Studios we schedule patients to allow for maximum facetime with our dentists. Each time you visit, whether it’s your first appointment or one of many, you can relax and know that we’ve allotted plenty of time to make sure you get the quality care and attention you deserve.

Quality, lasting dental work

Doing things over or repairing things that were not done properly in the first place is a waste of time and money—not just ours, but yours too. That’s why we insist on using the best materials and the best technology to ensure that our treatments last as long as they are designed to, or even longer. We feel strongly that no matter what procedure you have done, the results should not only look good, they should also be the kind of results you can count on to make your smile beautiful and strong.

LVI trained dental professional

After completing dental school, if a dentist wants to become a true master of their craft, they only go to one place—the Las Vegas Institute. LVI offers advanced courses in a wide variety of dental disciplines taught by world-renowned experts. Our own Dr. Tatari has studied extensively at LVI, earning a fellowship at this prestigious institute. Thanks to his commitment to continuing education, he can provide the highest quality specialty care to his patients and save them from having to visit a specialist for complex procedures. As an LVI fellow, Dr. Tatari has completed over 177 hours of continuing education courses. The curriculum focuses mainly on dental implants—a complex and highly technical restorative surgical treatment—advanced orthodontics, TMD diagnosis and treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and mastering cutting-edge technology to diagnose and treat patients. All of this translates to the best possible outcomes for our patients who need restorative and cosmetic care and for those suffering with painful TMD or other disorders.


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