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Preventive care preserves the health of the teeth, allowing patients to keep their natural teeth longer. Preventive care can also identify certain oral health problems before they become serious. Dr. Fatameh Ebrahimi provides preventive care to patients at Muse Dental Studio. This service is available to patients throughout Houston, Texas, and the surrounding area.

Preventive Care Q & A

What is the purpose of preventive care?

The purpose of preventive care is to reduce the risk of oral health problems, including gum disease, tooth decay, and oral cancer. Preventive care is also designed to identify any problems that have already developed so that the patient can receive treatment before the problem becomes more serious. Preventive care typically consists of dental checkups and teeth cleanings.

What are the benefits of regular preventive care?

Preventive care offers many benefits to the patient. When a patient participates in regular preventive care, they can be sure that they have done everything they can to keep their natural teeth as long as possible. In addition, Dr. Ebrahimi will find any issues that develop quickly, allowing the patient to receive treatment while the problem is still small and less expensive to fix.

What happens during a checkup?

During a dental check-up, Dr. Ebrahimi will examine the patient’s teeth for any sign of decay, gum disease, or other problems. She may also order X-rays or perform an oral cancer screening at this time. If Dr. Ebrahimi finds a problem, she will recommend treatment options to the patient.

What happens during a cleaning?

During a teeth cleaning, a dental hygienist will use special tools to gently remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. The dental hygienist may also polish the teeth and/or administer a fluoride treatment. In many cases, dental cleanings and checkups will take place during the same appointment.

When should patients begin preventive care?

A patient should have their first preventive care appointment when they have several teeth and are able to sit still in the exam chair. Preventive care should continue throughout the patient’s life.

How often are cleanings and checkups necessary?

Patients should visit the dentist for a cleaning and checkup once every 6 months. Patients who haven’t been to the dentist in a while may need more frequent cleanings to catch up.

Is preventive care painful?

Dental checkups and cleanings are rarely painful. However, patients with tooth decay or sensitivity may experience some discomfort during a cleaning. If a patient is concerned about discomfort, Dr. Ebrahimi can administer an anesthetic.