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Scaling & Root Planing

Woman receiving scaling and root planing

Scaling and root planing is kind of like a typical dental cleaning, except it is designed to help people dealing with gum disease. First, all of the built up plaque and tartar will be removed from below the gum line (scaling), and then the roots of the teeth will be reshaped and smoothed (root planing). This is intended to prevent plaque buildup in the future to lower the risk of reinfection.

Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotic pill pack

There are tiny spaces located between your teeth and gums called periodontal pockets, and this is primarily where gum disease bacteria like to gather and multiply. They are also extremely hard to clean, but antibiotic therapy enables us to eliminate even the most well-hidden bacteria. We simply apply a topical antibiotic directly to the gums, and over the next week, it will dissolve and seep down to kill any leftover bacteria.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Closeup of patient receiving soft tissue laser treatment

Our soft tissue laser allows us to target and eliminate gum disease bacteria without irritating the surrounding healthy gums, meaning it’s very easy for a patient to remain comfortable during a procedure. As the laser works, it sanitizes and cauterizes the area, meaning a patient will experience little to no bleeding, pain, or swelling during or afterward. Basically, with the laser, you get the best of everything: speed, precision, and comfort all in one effective treatment.

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