Permanent Tooth Replacement

If you have only a single missing tooth, we always recommend an implant be used to replace it rather than a bridge, although that may also be an option. We have found that dental implants are the absolute best way to achieve the look, function, and durability of natural teeth.

Perhaps you could benefit from an implant to replace a missing tooth or teeth. If you’re not happy with your smile, give us a call today to schedule a consultation, with no obligation. We’ll be happy to build you the smile you deserve.

Choose Muse Dental Studio for Dental Implants

Entire implant procedure completed under one roof

Computer-guided implant surgery guarantees success

Restorations custom-designed for every patient

Why choose Dental Implants

  • Unmatched Stability: An implant is a small titanium post set directly into the jawbone. It works just like the root of a natural tooth. There is no better way to ensure a tooth replacement will remain structurally sound and look and feel like a natural tooth. With an implant, patients can eat hard or sticky foods without worry.
  • Beautiful Aesthetics: Nothing looks and feels as much like a natural tooth as an implant topped with a porcelain restoration. It blends seamlessly with your other teeth, and no one can tell you’ve had a tooth replaced. Your smile will certainly never give you away.
  • Improved Oral Health: An implant not only looks like a natural tooth; it also performs like one. The roots of natural teeth help stabilize your jaw bone. Implants do the same. This helps protect you from bone loss or deterioration. An implant actually stimulates blood flow and new bone growth as if a real tooth had been added. There’s no replacement better for promoting long-term oral health than a dental implant.
  • Lifelong Solution: Implants are designed to last for decades and, in many cases, patients rely on the same implants for a lifetime. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants don’t wear out and never need to be adjusted or replaced. As long as you continue to practice good oral hygiene and visit us for regular checkups, there’s no reason your implants can’t last the rest of your life.

When Dental Implants are needed

Dental implants are designed to work with a variety of restorations to replace any number of teeth. After examining your mouth and determining that you are a good candidate for the treatment, our team can help you choose which of the following options is best for your situation:


A single dental implant root can be used to support a porcelain crown that fits neatly into a gap in your smile. Unlike with a traditional bridge, single-tooth implants don’t require any intervention on the surrounding teeth, making it a more conservative solution.


Patients with several missing teeth have options with implants. Implant-retained crowns can be placed throughout the mouth, and multiple roots can support a partial denture. For patients with consecutive missing teeth, we can use as few as two implants to secure a bridge that replaces up to three teeth in a row.


If a patient is missing all of their upper or lower teeth, we don’t need to use an implant to restore each one. Just four to six strategically placed implants are all we need to anchor a full denture to the jawbone. With this foundation, the prosthetic will be extremely stable, and a patient will never have to deal with their teeth moving and slipping unexpectedly.

We do it all, start to finish

With a typical dental office, you would likely need to visit a specialist to have the dental implant procedure completed, adding time, money, and stress to the process of rebuilding your smile. At Muse Dental Studio, however, everything you need is right here. Dr. Tatari and Dr. Ebrahimi have the experience and training to perform the entire treatment themselves, helping you replace your missing teeth as efficiently as possible while you work with the same team and dentist you know and trust.

Cost of Dental Implants

Every patient and situation is different, so we always do a careful examination and assessment before we determine any treatment plan. The cost of your treatment will depend on the type of implant needed, how many need to be placed, and other factors.

We will always go over the pricing with you and make sure you are aware of and comfortable with the payment options offered before we start any treatment. You’ll always know exactly what you will be getting and what it will cost.

Implants do cost more than dentures and bridges, at first, because of the materials they are made of and the expertise needed to place them properly. Over the long term, however, implants can actually save money because they never need replacing, repairing, or adjusting like dentures or bridges do.

Implants can last for 20 years or more, sometimes even a lifetime. They are not a temporary solution that will need to be replaced or changed down the road. Dental implants are made to stay in your mouth permanently for a very, very long time. That’s why we recommend them for our patients who are looking for a cost-effective solution that will last well into the future.


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