No more stress at the dentist's office

Does visiting the dentist make you or your child feel anxious? Have you avoided dental care for years because of fear? You are not alone. Many patients experience dental anxiety, and while we certainly understand these feelings, we also know that your oral health is far too important to neglect. To help our patients who might be nervous about coming to see us, the team at Muse Dental Studio does everything possible to create a friendly and relaxing atmosphere where anyone can feel at ease. For patients who need more than that, we’re happy to offer sedation dentistry using safe and gentle methods. No matter your level of dental anxiety, we can make it easier for you to get the healthy smile you deserve.

To learn more about your sedation options and how they’ll change the way you feel about dental care, contact us today.

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Sedation methods tailored to every patient

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Thanks to advances in technology and analgesics, patients nowadays experience very little pain when undergoing dental treatments. If you still feel trepidation at the thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair, we have an excellent solution. We can provide a safe, effective pill that, when taken about an hour prior to a procedure, will leave you feeling very relaxed yet still alert and totally aware of what is happening. You may get a slight feeling that the appointment is not taking as long as you expected, but afterwards, you’ll feel like everything went perfectly and have only a faint memory of the details of your visit. It will feel more like you just had a pleasant dream.

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

You have probably heard of “laughing gas” as something dentists can use on patients during treatment. Nitrous oxide, as it’s more formally known, is a colorless, odorless gas that has been used safely and effectively in dentistry for more than 100 years. The gas is delivered through a mask placed over your nose while you breathe normally. Within a few minutes, you start to feel very relaxed. Some patients say it feels like they are floating on a cloud. After the appointment, when the mask is removed, the effects wear off very quickly and you can go about your day.

IV Sedation

Dr. Quaddoura, a highly skilled and qualified anesthesiologist, is available at Muse Dental Studio if you require stronger sedation. Sometimes known as “twilight sleep,” IV sedation allows you to go through a procedure with no pain but still awake and able to respond to the dentist and assistants. Not only does it get rid of any nervousness you might feel, it also makes you less aware of what is happening at any given moment. Once sedation is withdrawn, you will soon return to a normal state and have no lingering effects.


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