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Age, food, drink, and other things can make your teeth look dull and not as white as they once were. Muse Dental Studio will help you be proud of your smile once again. Our in-office teeth whitening procedure is safe and easy and will make your teeth several shades whiter in less than an hour. We also offer take-home kits that produce great results on your own schedule.

If you live in Houston or the surrounding area, the place to get brilliantly white teeth is right in your backyard. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of teeth whitening.

Why choose Muse Dental Studio for Teeth Whitening?

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Why do teeth become discolored?

The outermost layer of your teeth—the white part you see when you smile—is the enamel. Just below that is a yellowish layer called dentin. Over time, enamel can become discolored from smoking or routinely drinking or eating things that stain like coffee, tea, wine, and blueberries. Sometimes, staining happens as the result of medication, aging, or even genetics. Regardless of the cause, after a certain point, even the most meticulous brushing and flossing cannot get rid of discoloration, which can eventually move through the enamel to the dentin.

This is why we offer professional teeth whitening solutions. Over-the-counter methods may brighten enamel a little bit, but the results are very temporary. Our process actually penetrates the enamel and gets down to the dentin to remove discoloration. Whether you choose to come to us or stay home, we can help restore your teeth to the pearly whites they once were.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

If you are ok with gradual results and would rather whiten your teeth at home on your own time, that’s fine with us. At Muse Dental Studio, we can make customized whitening trays designed to fit your mouth exactly and allow all tooth surfaces to be reached. A customized tray will give better results than any other product available over the counter. The bleaching gel we’ll provide is many times stronger that anything you can buy in a store. You’ll only need to wear the gel-filled trays at home for a short time each day, and before you know it, you’ll start seeing great results.

In-Office Whitening

Many of our patients want instant gratification when it comes to teeth whitening, which makes our in-office treatment the perfect solution. After about 45 minutes in the dental chair, you can leave the office ready to show off your dazzling white teeth. Here’s how it works:

  1. We place a protective guard over your gums so they do not become irritated by the strong whitening gel we use.
  2. The powerful bleaching agent is carefully applied and will remain on your teeth for about 45 minutes, depending on your desired result.
  3. Your teeth will emerge up to 8 shades whiter than when you came in.

You’ll be leaving with an Instagram-ready smile almost before you know it!

Other cosmetic options

If you have other issues with your smile that don’t involve the color of your teeth, we can correct those problems with our other cosmetic dentistry options. For example, porcelain veneers are a great way to cover chips or cracks in your front teeth. No matter what you want to change about your smile, the best way to get started is to give us a call and schedule a consultation.


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