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Dental Technology – Houston, TX

Dental Care for the 21st Century

Dental technology has changed a lot since you were a child. Now, X-rays can be taken digitally, we can use a small camera to explore the mouth, and we can even treat your gums using lasers. We’re constantly integrating the latest advancements into our dental office, ensuring our patients enjoy fast and comfortable care at every single appointment. We’re always looking forward here at Muse Dental Studio, and if you want to see what truly modern dentistry is like, we invite you to schedule an appointment today.

Intraoral Camera

Dentist capturing intraoral images

Barely bigger than a pen, our intraoral camera enables both our team and our patients to get a much better look at their smiles. Fitting comfortably into the mouth, it’s able to generate high-resolution images of the teeth and gums we can show you on a monitor right next to your chair. Your dentist can then go over them with you, pointing out any problem areas and discussing potential treatments. This tool makes dental appointments much more transparent and will ensure you’re always on the same page as your dentist.

Digital X-Rays

Dental team member holding tablet computer with digital x-rays

X-rays enable our team to see below the surface of the teeth and gums where many dental problems show their earliest signs. Since switching to fully digital X-rays, we’ve been able to save our patients’ time while also giving them peace of mind. Compared to traditional film radiography, digital X-rays not only create much sharper images but do so in less time. Plus, they cut down on radiation exposure by up to 90%, which is especially good news for parents.

CT / Cone Beam Scanner

Woman receiving CT scan

Our CT/cone beam scanner is used to create a fully 3D digital X-ray model of a patient’s teeth, gums, and surrounding soft tissues. This gives us much more information than your typical X-ray, and it helps us put together extremely precise treatment plans for more complicated procedures like dental implant placement. With it, we can find the perfect areas within the jawbone to locate the implants so a patient’s new smile is guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Patient recieving soft tissue laser treatment

You won’t just find lasers in science-fiction anymore, as we use them pretty much every day in our dental office! Our soft tissue laser, which is no larger than a pen, emits an extremely concentrated beam of light that can target and eliminate gum disease in the least invasive way possible. It cauterizes and sanitizes the treatment area as it goes, reducing bleeding, swelling, and discomfort to practically nonexistent levels, meaning a patient easily remains comfortable.


Handheld T Scan tool

When evaluating a patient’s occlusion (the contact between their rows of teeth) to diagnose stress or other dysfunction, preciseness is key. That’s why our dentists use T-Scan technology, which is a modern assessment tool that can pinpoint important factors like overall force and timing. Not only does this information help us relieve serious matters like bruxism and TMJ disorder in our patients, but it can also increase the longevity of dental restorations over the years, saving them time and money as well.

Cavity Detection System

DIAGNOdent logo

Finding tooth decay as early as possible is one of the most important things our team does, and thanks to our cavity detection system, we no longer need to poke and prod your teeth to look for it! This small camera emits a light that bounces off the enamel, and depending on its color, we can determine the thickness of enamel. If we find any spots that have thinned, we can quickly intervene to repair the tooth right away.

IV Sedation 

A female patient talking with her dentist

Dental anxiety is a common condition that millions of people experience. At Muse Dental Studio, patient comfort is our priority, which is why we offer IV sedation as a safe and effective way to help patients achieve a calmer, more comfortable state during their visit. Administered intravenously through a vein by Dr. Quaddoura, who is a highly qualified anesthesiologist, he will continually monitor you and adjust the dosage as needed. Although it will not fully put you to sleep, you will achieve a state of complete relaxation, making it less likely that you will be aware of what is occurring during your treatment.

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