Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Do you have difficulty eating hot and cold foods because it bothers your teeth? If so, you may be suffering from tooth sensitivity. When we experience tooth sensitivity, it is our mouth’s way of alerting us to a problem with our oral health. Do you know what issues with tooth sensitivity may mean for your oral health? Read on to learn more.

Do Not Ignore A Cracked Tooth

A common dental emergency that we see in our office is a cracked tooth. When teeth are extremely worn, from persistent grinding for example, they can crack under the constant pressure. During routine hygiene examinations, we check your teeth for imperfections and problems with the enamel. Most of our patients visit us infrequently during the year, so it is important that they regularly check and feel their teeth for imperfections as well. When you check your teeth regularly, you are often able to spot a problem, such as a cracked tooth.