Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

Are you wondering if you should replace your missing tooth? Whether you have recently lost a tooth or have been missing a tooth for quite some time, we know that it can be a difficult decision whether to replace your tooth or leave the empty space. Many patients who have lost a front tooth are eager to schedule an appointment to replace their tooth, and we wish that every tooth was treated with the same urgency.

We Go Above And Beyond For Every Patient

When you think of a dental practice for you and your family, are you interested in an office and dental team that treats you like a member of the family and truly listens to your needs and concerns? Our office philosophy is to provide this for all of our patients. We have the unique opportunity to create a family environment while providing the very best in dental care and service to our patients. To learn more about our team, what to expect when you visit our office, and thoughts and feedback from our beloved patients, click here to watch a short video and read more about our practice.

The Benefit of Using a Dentist Who Is LVI Trained

While most adults think of Las Vegas as a vacation spot, if you are in the field of dentistry, you know this location can mean something else entirely. Las Vegas is the home of the Las Vegas Institute, a world-renowned postgraduate dental learning institution that provides opportunities for dental professionals to continue learning comprehensive techniques and technology to improve the lives of their patients. At Muse Dental Studio, you are fortunate to receive care from a dentist who has this training.

Learn About This Exciting Dental Treatment

Have you recently had a tooth extracted and are considering dental implants? Do you currently wear dentures and are looking for a more permanent replacement? We specialize in helping our patients find a solution that best fits their lifestyle and oral health needs. Many times, when patients are looking for a tooth replacement option, we recommend dental implants. While this method is extremely popular and has many great benefits, it is not the best fit for everyone. Continue reading to learn more about dental implants and if you might be a candidate for this treatment.

Important Information About Gum Disease

At Muse Dental Studio, we complete a thorough inspection of your oral health during your routine examinations. When patients have not visited the dentist in some time, their immediate first thought is usually about tooth decay. However, there is another concern that our team checks for during your routine hygiene examination—gum disease. Gum disease, also called periodontitis, is a common disease that affects the gums surrounding the tooth. It is an irritation and infection in and around the gums and can range from minor symptoms, like bleeding gums when brushing, to severe symptoms, such as loose teeth. A more mild form of gum disease is known as gingivitis and is easily treated when detected early.

We’ve Got You Covered For Any Special Event

Do you have a special occasion coming soon and would love to make a change to your smile? We have heard from many of our patients that they are enjoying this summer to the fullest. Many events such as weddings, graduation parties, vacations, and family gatherings are planned for the end of the summer. We also can’t forget that the holidays will be here before we know it. Now is the perfect time to brighten your smile so you are ready for all of your photo opportunities at your upcoming events. Continue reading to learn more about this simple yet effective treatment.

Experience No More Stress At The Dentist

At Muse Dental Studio, we want our office to be both a safe and comfortable place for our patients. We know that a large number of people experience different levels of anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist and receiving dental treatments. Some patients are so fearful that they have a hard time even calling our office for an appointment and have gone years without any oral care. We understand these fears and do everything we can to help create a friendly and relaxing environment so our patients feel at ease. Although patient comfort is our top priority, we know that no matter what we do in the office to make it relaxing, there are still a number of patients who will have certain fears when visiting our office, and for those patients we are happy to offer sedation dentistry. Everyone deserves to get the care they need fear free. We offer three forms of sedation to our patients:

You Too Can Have A Hollywood Smile!

Do you look at your smile in the mirror and think that it is just fine but would love to make improvements? If you do, you are not alone. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most popular categories of dental treatments due to the ability to completely transform a smile. Especially after covering our mouths for so many months, many patients are looking for treatments to improve their smile so they can feel confident when showing it off. We offer one popular treatment that can make any improvements you want to your front teeth. Continue reading to learn more.

Learn More About Dr. Ebrahimi

At Muse Dental Studio, we are dedicated to making sure that our patients receive world-class service and dental care they deserve. We have designed our office to be as efficient and up to date as possible. Our team works with your complete comfort in mind, led by Dr. Ebrahimi. Dr. Ebrahimi is committed to helping her patients receive essential preventative care, top-notch cosmetic dental procedures, and dependable procedures that are meant to last. We wanted to take a moment to share more about Dr. Ebrahimi.

We Can Help You Get Your Dream Smile!

Would you love to make a change with your smile but unsure about what needs to be done? Maybe you are unhappy with your teeth and try not to show them when you smile. Whatever the case may be, we want to help you get the smile you have been dreaming of. We can turn your dreams into reality, and it may be easier than you think. Not every treatment we offer to make aesthetic improvements is invasive, involved, and time consuming. Read on to learn more about the cosmetic procedures we offer and how they can improve your smile.